Sun Moon Lake


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Kate’s Plan做為日月潭涵碧樓婚禮服務長期合作夥伴,將善用我們於涵壁樓舉辦婚禮服務的寶貴經驗,以及對這一片自然山水的靈性啟發做為美學的基礎,以您為核心,精心打造一場屬於您獨有的夢幻婚禮。


The Lalu at the Sun Moon Lake is located in front of a world-class lake view. Looking out from the hotel, one can see a picturesque view of dancing mist, winding mountains, blue waters, and white clouds away from the bustle of urban life. This dramatic natural backdrop has made the Lalu one of the foremost locations for vacations and weddings in Taiwan.
Kate’s Plan is a long-term partner of the Lalu, providing clients with world-class wedding services. Drawing on years of experience planning weddings at the Lalu and the aesthetic inspiration offered by the natural scenery, we focus on creating the wedding of your dreams.
Please contact us, and let us tell you how we will make your wedding day one to remember.